A Motor Sports Club Born with Distinction...

Bengal Motor Sports Club, widely known as BMSC was born in 1998. The Club was formed by the relevant people from all sectors of motor sports and motoring in West Bengal.

The main object of the club was to make the motor sports more popular and to take the sports to masses – breaking the jinks that motor sports meant for the elites only.


A terrific start!

BMSC started its journey with Kolkata –Santiniketan Servo Kaviguru Rally 1998 followed by Independence Rally on 15th August 1998 followed by Indo Nepal Friendship Rally 1999, followed by...
At present BMSC is the only Motor Sports Club in Eastern India which has all the required infra-structure to organize all sorts of motor sports events on a regular basis.
BMSC is now one of the four major Motor Sports Club In India, as per the credit point system of the apex body of Motor Sports in India, i.e., FMSCI.



BMSC, since its birth, is affiliated to the apex body of Motor Sports in India, namely Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI). Since last ten years BMSC has a council member seat in FMSCI by virtue of its credit point rating.

FMSCI is the apex body to control motor sports in India – recognized by Government of India and also by Indian Olympic Association.


National Events

Kolkata Santiniketan
Kaviguru Rally
Kolkata Jamsedpur
Monsoon Rally
Kolkata Puri
Kalinga Rally